Good divorces are possible

divorce Doesn't have to be a tragedy

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You can Have a Kid-Friendly Divorce!

Did you know that it's not divorce itself that hurts children? It's actually conflict, poor communication and parents' emotional states that stress kids.  

Your children are affected more by how you and your spouse behave than anything else.

That's incredibly good news because it means you have a TON of control over how your separation or divorce is experienced by your children. 

I can help you have the type of divorce that your kids will appreciate. They will look back as adults and recognize their parents were strong and selfless enough to put aside their own "stuff." They will see that you gave them just as much love, structure, and support as intact families have. 

In working with me as your mediator and/or life coach, you will:

  • Give your children a kid-friendly divorce (even if you think your ex is "impossible"!)
  • Participate in mediation to negotiate terms peacefully
  • Manage your own pain and stress in order to be there for your kiddos
  • Develop a healthy, functioning co-parenting relationship (even if your marriage is ending on bad terms!)
  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Figure out how to answer kids' tough questions
  • Develop strategies for managing their feelings and behavior
  • Determine the best way to move forward, including how to 'blend' families if you remarry



Many couples who decide to get divorced can come to their own agreements. Sometimes all it takes is having a professional to guide and structure the conversation.

I am here to help you in the terms of your divorce by. Here's how:

  • I provide a plan and structure on what items need to be decided
  • I guide negotiations by helping you come up with creative agreements that work for you
  • I help you communicate clearly and effectively
  • I write your agreement in plain language (not legalese); this can serve as your Separation Agreement or Divorce Agreement, depending on your state.

Here's what I don't do:

  • I can't offer legal advice or counsel
  • I don't try to influence your decisions; your divorce agreement is yours
  • I don't mediate pensions (you would find a financial professional to appraise and value it)
  • I can't be a tie-breaker

Yes, navigating divorce is difficult...but I can help.

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Divorce Coaching

Divorce is just the worst.

It's scary, confusing, and overwhelming. 

You don't know who you are anymore. 

You lose friends. 

You are financially strapped. 

You feel like a failure. 

You're tired, worried, and sad. 

But it can and will get better, I promise!

I am here to help you during your divorce. Here's how:

  • I am a supportive ear or a kick in the pants, whichever you need most at the time
  • I help you become more relaxed and confident
  • I give you ideas for you how to get your groove back
  • I guide you towards seeing your ex as your children's parent, nothing more and nothing less
  • I teach you how to answer your children's difficult questions and be there for them through their range of emotions
  • When you are ready, I help you avoid taking the baggage from your marriage into a next relationship (including how to love and trust again, gulp!)

Yes, divorce bites...but I help make it easier.

Should I get divorced? Should stay married for the kids? I hate my husband wife. Fallen out of love.

Should I Get Divorced?

Are you torn on whether to keep working on your marriage or throw in the towel?

When your relationship is distant, unfulfilling, untrusting or infuriating, it's only natural to consider ending it.  But marriages will have ups and downs, good times and bad; shouldn't you honor the commitment you made? And what about the kids? 

No wonder you are feeling confused and stuck!

People stay in this limbo for so long.  They are trying to decide what's best. One minute, they are reading self-help books and marriage-improvement articles; the next minute, they are googling lawyers.

As your life coach, I can help you through this decision. Together, we will analyze the relationship dynamics, including strength and growth areas, and major events that may have altered the connection, trust, respect and love between you.  I give you feedback on what would be required in order to get the relationship back on track, and we assess if you have the energy to do that work. 

Then we chart a path forward, whether that is a path toward re-connection or a peaceful divorce.


Divorce coaching can Help you love life again

Divorce is a dark season of life. You have probably experienced trouble sleeping, changes in appetite, difficulty concentrating, skin or stomach problems, headaches, mood changes, weepiness, and irritability. At its worst, you may have symptoms of panic such as difficulty breathing or chest pains.  At its best, you feel sad, lost and worried about what's ahead.

But with the right support and guidance from a life coach, divorce can become a season of insight and change that grows you into a better version of yourself.

First, I help you have a divorce that honors and prioritizes your kids. Using concepts and tools of mediation, I help you develop creative agreements that honor your unique family. This means you hit the ground running by feeling more confident that you are a good and caring parent.

If you are feeling unwanted, rejected, foolish, fearful, worthless, pathetic, etc, I help you recognize the awesome qualities you have and I help you see all your options for peace and happiness. 

Then I identify what patterns of thought and behavior may be holding you back. I teach you skills to rise out of the icky feelings you are having now, so that you can become the confident, worthy, peaceful, healthy, happy person you want to be!

I help you take steps to gain more energy, grow your confidence and start feeling hopeful and excited about your future. If you have experienced betrayal, we work to help you use that pain to learn powerful lessons and learn to love and trust yourself again. 

Finally,  I teach you how to talk to your kids about divorce and how to answer their questions as they grow. I help you figure out how to date as a divorced parent and have a trusting, secure relationship again despite what you've been through.  I help you through the transitions from married person to single parent to dating person to trusting partner.

You can build yourself a life you love living. You can live the life you've always imagined!

I help people coping with difficult feelings during divorce so they can love life again.

I help people coping with difficult feelings during divorce so they can love life again.